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Micro Center Charlotte: A Haven for Gamers & Tech Enthusiasts

Posted by: David Daniels on June 8, 2024.

See the ribbon-cutting, find new deals, and learn what special guests to expect in June.

Source: Micro Center News: Micro Center Charlotte Officially Opens

Today, I stumbled upon the grand opening of a new MicroCenter. I had no idea it was their big day! The place was buzzing with activity, and I wish them all the best in this location. MicroCenter always attracts a crowd of gamers, and this new store was no different. It’s nearly impossible to walk in and leave without spending at least $1500, given all the fantastic tech toys they offer. They even have a small selection of retro toys, which I got a good laugh at. Did not expect to see legos here!  It’s wonderful to see MicroCenter again—I used to visit one regularly back on Long Island, and now I’m thrilled to have one in my new home of Charlotte.

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