Back in 2001, I registered my domain name. But in order to use it, I had to learn web design, an art that I have since fallen in love with. This side passion of mine eventually turned into a side hustle. I design websites and offer marketing support to a select few clients. They range from small to medium-sized businesses in a wide variety of fields. Look around and if you are looking to work with someone who has a passion for marketing, web design or for a fresh look at your business, feel free to contact me.

The mission: to disconnect businesses from social media, which is causing mental illness and reconnecting them with their customers through email and the web which was what the internet was originally intended for.

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Web Design

High Quality Affordable Web Design designed to meet your business needs. If you are not on the web your business does not exist.

Fully Responsive

No matter the size of your screen or device, your site will look fantastic.

Marketing Assistance

Do you have marketing work to get off your plate? I handle Email Marketing, SEO, Google Issues and Much More.

Email Marketing

Most businesses struggle with consistent Email Marketing. I have solutions for that problem. As simple as organizing your marketing list and getting on a schedule.

Google Maps

Trying to get on the front page of a Google Maps Search? So is everyone else. I have a few ways to stuff keywords into your business so Google knows exactly what you do.

Google Places

Managing your Google Places page can be a chore. I am someone this can be outsourced to.

About Me

David Daniels
David Daniels
I am a Web Designer who offers Marketing Assistance. I develop Search Engine Optimized Websites that generate organic traffic and run software on these websites to capture those leads. I also develop highly effective marketing initiatives that increase sales and revenue.

Recent Blog Posts

Sorry Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook isn’t a “positive force”

November 25th, 2018|0 Comments

Zuckerberg argues that Facebook is a positive force in the world because it "gives more people a voice." But I'm old enough to remember what the Internet was like before Facebook came along. In 2003, there were lots of ways for people to express themselves online. Facebook didn't invent online discussion. It wasn't the first site for photo or video sharing. If Facebook disappeared from the Internet tomorrow, people would still have plenty of ways to make their voices heard.

Facebook Scandals Galore, But They Still Make Money

October 31st, 2018|0 Comments

Facebook reported sky-high profits today despite a number of rotating scandals related to data privacy, fake news, and faulty metrics. The social network reported earnings per share of $1.76, compared to a consensus estimate of $1.47 cited by CNBC. However, revenue was slightly lower than expected, topping off at $13.73 billion, compared to estimates of $13.78 billion.