Hello! I’m Still Here! Walking a Strange Path in Life on a Planet gone Crazy!…

Although I’ve spent many years exploring the use of Social Media, how we are using it to connect with each other, and learning about new technology trends, somehow it all feels like a distraction. There are over 100 Billion Galaxies out there and an average of 100 Billion stars in each galaxy. Each star has a habitable zone and we happen to be in one. There must be someone out there who can help us.

This is our local Star. It is called the Sun. There are 4 rocky planets orbiting our Sun. I am on the 3rd one from this Star. There are remnants of a 5th planet that may have been destroyed, just after the 4th planet. The 4th planet also looks like it was involved in a nuclear war in the distant past. Our planet seems to be on the cusp of another major tragedy.


Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

If I know you IRL, great! If not, it’s a pleasure to have you visit here. I’ll be here until I am picked up.

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