About Me

Thank you for visiting my personal website that I have maintained for almost 20 years. It’s a passion project.

I am a WordPress Web Developer and former avid social media user. I am sometimes known as an “Internet Digger”, someone who knows how to find information on the web that is not censored.

I use my personal blog to introduce readers to other alternative news sources that I come across on the web. Lately the topics have been around social media, alternative media and covid. I come across quite a bit of censored information that I think should be shared and that is the information I post to the blog.

Due to the Pandemic of 2020 I was able to dedicate time to developing a skill that I have long enjoyed, web design and learned how to manipulate the backend of a WordPress Website. I have managed quite a few WordPress sites in the past and decided to take the skillset to the next level. My ultimate goal is to be a full stack developer and as of December 2021 I am 80% there. 

Lately, my time has been spent on my little project, DanielsWebDesign.com and you can also find me here working on Github.

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