About Me

Thank you for visiting my personal website that I have maintained for almost 20 years. It’s a passion project.

I am an aspiring Web Developer who is also an avid social media user. I am sometimes known as an “Internet Digger”, someone who knows how to find information on the web that is not censored.

In a previous life I have been a very successful small business manager in retail. In recent years I have held management positions with such large companies as CVS, Dollar General and with the newly reopened Earthfare. My experience managing businesses and projects within those businesses have led me to this little project, my web portfolio.

Due to the Pandemic of 2020 I was able to dedicate some time to developing a skill that I have long enjoyed, web design. I have managed quite a few WordPress sites in the past and decided to take the skillset to the next level. My ultimate goal is to be a full stack developer and develop WordPress websites. 

Feel free to contact me here…