“My website is my home on the web and I invest in it. I built my own wall on the internet, “Making The Internet Great Again” for me to use, because when the internet ghettos are gone, the last places to easily find people on the internet will be on their own personal websites.” – David Daniels

The posted picture above is me looking back on the New York Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge post 9/11.

Once upon a Time…

Before the Internet… Life was great. Kids had great imaginations. We imagined a future where we were reaching for the stars. We studied about the recently ended Moon programs, marveled at the new Space Shuttle program, watched as they built the International Space Station and then… NOTHING. It all ended. My generation then sleep-walked into the workforce, never questioning “What Happened?”

Remember when we could fly supersonic? Retired 2003.


Remember when we regularly sent astronaunts into space? Retired 2011.

But we all have Smart Phones now. How smart are we really?

With our space programs all winding down, what followed was “the latest and greatest technology… the Internet” followed by the iPhone (That’s Sarcasm). We could now find information on any topic we wanted to know about at any time from anywhere. Everyone became immersed in their gadgets (me included) with the most popular tools on these gadgets being social media applications that connected you straight to social media ghettos. Once people discovered social media apps the art of communication in the real world was forever changed, and not for the better. No one looked up anymore from their gadgets while they wandered around, stumbling through their daily lives.

The giant social media platform of Facebook, with a fake mission of “Making the World More Open and Connected”, continued to be just a website, started in a college dorm room, to rate women. Except now the diabolical plan mission was expanded to the entire planet with everyone rating and judging everyone else, starting a worldwide cultural civil war in the processFacebooks Latest Mission Statement is a complete joke. It was originally all about the money but even it’s founder realizes it is out of control, which explains why the Mission Statement keeps changing.

This is what Facebook really does…

 I stay out of the internet ghettos as much as I can. You can contact me here whenever you need too.