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Random Stuff

Notes about Life, Web Design and maybe some random stuff on how not to use Social Media.

The Web’s Creator Looks to Reinvent It – The New York Times

Posted by: David Daniels on June 8, 2016.

“Edward Snowden showed we’ve inadvertently built the world’s largest surveillance network with the web,” said Mr. Kahle, whose group organized the conference. “China can make it impossible for people there to read things, and just a few big service providers are the de facto organizers of your experience. We have the ability to change all that.”… Read More »

Work from a previous life as a Marketing Manager – New York Daily News

Posted by: David Daniels on October 17, 2014.

Shiro of Japan, located in The Shops at Atlas Park, is part of Queens Restaurant Week. Claude Parker (left), the general manager, and David Daniels (right), the marketing manager, show off some of the restaurant’s special dishes. (Rob MacKay) More than 200 eateries across the borough are offering tasty deals this month as part of… Read More ››