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Yelp faces a “dilemma” again with one-star Fake Starbucks reviews.

You don't have to even visit the location of a business to write a review and that's where the Yelp business model fails. Unlike OpenTable, where you can only leave a review on a restaurant AFTER the restaurant checks you in, Yelp has no such functionality.

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Adults Need to Engage in Vigorous Debates. Facebook Should Not Be Policing it.

I was able to watch quite a bit of Facebook CEO's Mark Zuckerberg's testimony in front of the Senate this past week. After years of following facebook issues, I learned nothing new. This is a company that is a monopoly and needs to be regulated along with Google, Amazon and may

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Tim Cook Will Soon Have to Choose Between China or the U.S.

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook made his first appearance at China’s World Internet Conference, using the surprise keynote to call for future internet and AI technologies to be infused with privacy, security and humanity.

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How to Follow Trump on Twitter via SMS

At its core, twitter is a text messaging service all phones have access to. If they ever went back to that they would kill Facebook because Facebook is web-based. Everyone has text messaging, even boomers with their older flip phones. But twitter will never listen to me. Anyway... Here is how to setup your twitter account to receive tweets from any account via SMS.

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