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The New Adventures of my Old Macbook!

I’ve had quite the week! If you follow me on twitter at @DVDaniels, and I know you do… I have been raving about the Mountain Lion upgrade to my MAC that I just had to download as soon as it was available. Even though I plan on upgrading my MacBook Pro in September I though the $20 pricetag was too good to pass up. This upgrade was one of the best I have experienced in a long time and almost seemed tailor-made for me. Here is a quick rundown of… Read More

MAC APPS! Use Them for a Much Better Mac Experience.

I know… I haven’t blogged anything for the last 3 weeks. I’ve thankfully been very busy with blogging related activities for clients. I’ve even been somewhat quiet on twitter but I have been collecting all sorts of great tips for MAC users. Today’s tip, or tips, revolved around the use of Apps as opposed to using a browser…

Facebook SmartPhone Rumors & the FBI’s Backdoor Request

Here’s the rumor going around the web at the moment: Facebook is planning on introducing a smartphone! Read More About That Here… What would a Facebook smartphone be like? Probably a lot like Facebook. It may be dirt cheap, even free, but would rely heavily on ads to support it financially. It may also be slow, buggy, and ugly but because it’s free it would be the top cellphone on the planet, a cell phone capable of collecting data about everything you do. Read more about facebook building a smartphone… Read More

Who Bought Facebook Stock this Week? Always Listen to your Tech Bloggers before buying Tech Stocks

Facebook IPO? It’s Going to Get Ugly! The tech world pretty much called it this week. The Facebook IPO was one of the more overrated IPO’s to come out of Silicon Valley in a long time. Many of my favorite tech blogs called it correctly too. There were just a few tech blogs, they will remain nameless, that focused on the fact that Facebook employees would be getting paid. I was very disappointed in those tech blogs. I hope they can stay focused on blogging tech and stay away from… Read More