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18 04, 2020

YouTube Quietly Introduces a Free Video Builder for Businesses

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Video Builder is currently available in beta, with interested parties invited to apply for access. While Video Builder is likely to be a great tool for businesses, individuals stuck at home may also be keen to start their own YouTube channel.

14 04, 2020

Social Media Management: The Basics

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Social Media is similar but not quite marketing. It is an opportunity for the public to sing the praises about your business. It's two-way marketing, whereas traditional marketing is one way. Your objective with social media is to keep your community aware of what your business offers and then engage them. 

3 04, 2020

Here are 6 Marketing Ideas you should be Looking at Now:

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Easter is April 12th and so far I have been surprised by only 1 local business putting out their Easter menu or promo. Easter marketing is virtually non-existent right now. If you are open in a limited capacity now is the time to get that Easter Special out. Be a leader and encourage your customers to celebrate the holiday. It's important now more than ever.

2 04, 2020

Starting Over

By |2020-04-02T10:55:19-04:00April 2nd, 2020|Social Media, Technology, The Blog|0 Comments

I believe this is a great time for our entire country to reboot. Know what happens to a computer when it reboots? It runs faster. There may have been a “virus” running that you did not know about but rebooting flushes it out. This country is long over due for a reboot. When it does it is going to fly! The entrepreneurial sprit is back. Companies are starting to innovate again which I have not really seen in quite a while. American car companies are producing ventilators...

16 05, 2019

Selena Gomez: ‘Social media has been terrible for my generation’ | The Guardian

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Selena Gomez has spoken out against the “devastating” effects of social media on young people, arguing that its emergence has been “terrible for my generation”.

28 07, 2018

Yelp Adds Health Inspection Data for Restaurants

By |2018-07-28T10:32:27-04:00July 28th, 2018|Social Media, The Blog|0 Comments

I am no fan of Yelp and have been advising the public for years on how to deal with Yelp without having to actually deal with them. The strategy has been working for me and many others businesses that I consult with. This new strategy by Yelp just reinforces the fact that their business model is not working and they have to up their game. I am not sure how this one will work out, only time will tell. I personally think Yelp should be held liable for LIBEL and SLANDER if the information on the Yelp site is not updated timely.

28 07, 2018

Twitter shares drop 14 percent after reporting declining monthly active users 

By |2018-07-28T10:33:52-04:00July 28th, 2018|Social Media|0 Comments

Twitter is being accused of shadow banning conservative accounts and the Federal Government is looking into this illegal activity. President Trump himself tweeted about looking into and stopping this illegal activity, and that can't be good. There are also reports throughout social media that Facebook and Twitter are being cut off from any government funding or government contracts they may have and this is accounting for the large losses.

16 04, 2018

Yelp faces a “dilemma” again with one-star Fake Starbucks reviews.

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You don't have to even visit the location of a business to write a review and that's where the Yelp business model fails. Unlike OpenTable, where you can only leave a review on a restaurant AFTER the restaurant checks you in, Yelp has no such functionality.

10 03, 2017

Facebook Deleted Drudge Report Page – YouTube

By |2017-05-31T19:52:06-04:00March 10th, 2017|Facebook, Social Media|0 Comments

We've all been warned multiple times about relying on Facebook to get your content out but this video by Mark Dice sums it up nicely, especially the Boost button which can get VERY EXPENSIVE just to reach your fans.

9 10, 2016

You Can’t Trust the Media. Do Your Own Fact Checking.

By |2016-10-09T23:56:10-04:00October 9th, 2016|Social Media|0 Comments

I just can't. It was pretty obvious who won that second presidential debate but you wouldn't know it by what the mainstream media was reporting. As a marketer I am always fascinated with how the mainstream media all have the same talking points. Except for Drudge...

28 05, 2016

Facebook Wants to Help Sell Every Ad on the Web – WSJ

By |2016-05-28T10:40:05-04:00May 28th, 2016|Facebook, Social Media|0 Comments

There is no escaping Facebook’s advertising reach. The social network has announced that it will now be foisting ads on to every single person who uses third-party sites that are signed up to its advertising scheme, regardless of whether the user has a Facebook account or not.

12 05, 2016

Facebook news selection is in hands of editors not algorithms, documents show | The Guardian

By |2016-10-06T21:30:29-04:00May 12th, 2016|Facebook, Social Media|0 Comments

Exclusive: Leaked internal guidelines show human intervention at almost every stage of its news operation, akin to a traditional media organization. The guidelines are sure to bolster arguments that Facebook has made discriminatory editorial decisions against rightwing media. Conservatives would label the majority of Facebook’s primary sources as liberal.

8 11, 2015

New Social Network, TSU, being blocked by Facebook

By |2015-11-08T20:30:08-05:00November 8th, 2015|Social Media|2 Comments

Have you checked out TSU yet? TSU is a social network very similar to Facebook that has been around for about a year. The big difference between the two social networks is that TSU will be sharing advertising earnings with you, the user. This should encourage people to post good content and they may even get paid for it...

11 10, 2015

Talking about Ghetto Social Media Communities. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram et all

By |2015-11-29T09:19:39-05:00October 11th, 2015|Social Media, Technology|1 Comment

Matt Drudge, who is the operator of the DrudgeReport, one of the TOP news websites on the planet, reminded me of how the internet was about 20 years ago. He steps out to talk to Alex Jones of InfoWars this past week and it’s one of the most profound interviews I have heard in quite a while. Step inside the blog to listen to two internet giants talk about the decline of social media into "Ghetto" platforms that are either all owned by the same company or financed by the same banking system...

17 06, 2015

Late Night Blogging and Hanging with the Scopers! 

By |2015-11-15T19:55:00-05:00June 17th, 2015|Social Media, Technology|2 Comments

People who are active on Periscope are called "Scopers" and pretty much anything goes when it comes to "Scoping"... including porn. I do believe I even watched part of Jurassic World that someone was streaming in real time. Please NSA, I only watched 5 minutes!!