ABC, CBS, NBC — Google, Facebook, Twitter. The Filters are in Place.

ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX —- Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. The filters are in place.

The big story this week is the social media censorship which is ramping up against mostly conservative accounts on social media. There is a clear war going on within the left-leaning media and independent conservative content creators. Bloggers, Vloggers, content publishers, independent journalists, all with mostly conservative views are being systematically banned from the Socials.

“Youtube Moves Towards Banning Conservative Vlogger” – Breitbart

China presses global censorship and American Tech Giants are complying – NYTimes

The only conservative site that a social media purge won’t affect is the Drudge Report, the #3 most trafficked website on the planet. Matt Drudge runs a site that does not use social media and people have to go directly to the site for the leading stories of the day.

“Impossible to censor someone who doesn’t use social media. Matt Drudge was smart.”

And now the theory goes (and it makes sense), that social media giants are cracking down on conservative sites and will continue to do so until the mid-term elections this year. This year we will not be allowed to talk amongst ourselves on social media. This will control the political narrative.

I have been steadily investing in my website as per the Drudge Report model and use a phenomenal RSS Feed service call Feedblitz. I also email a weekly review, a summary of everything I may have posted for the week. Anything I post automatically goes out to the socials but I don’t actively use them.

Some people are calling for a new, independent social media platform. Maybe even a government controlled one. I just suggest everyone go back to subscribing to the websites they want to read. Subscribe directly through the websites RSS Feed or through email.

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