Tim Cook Will Soon Have to Choose Between China or the U.S.

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook made his first appearance at China’s World Internet Conference, using the surprise keynote to call for future internet and AI technologies to be infused with privacy, security and humanity.

Source: Internet Must Have Security, Humanity, Apple CEO Tells China – Bloomberg

Why Tim, Why?

Tim, no one in North America, your biggest market, is interested in China’s vision of a locked down internet. Come back to reality Tim.

I’m still waiting on a new MAC Mini. Bring back the 3.5MM headphone jack to the iPhone and I may actually upgrade. Real wireless charging would also be nice for anything that’s portable. Can you please support my original iPad mini? It’s in great shape, why should I buy another one?

The latest Apple Watch update using cellular is a great start but TIM… You have a community of users who create! That’s who Steve Jobs catered to. Your early creative users used Apple products designed by Steve Jobs to bring their creations to life! All over the internet people were saying, “Hey, how did you create that?” and Apple users would say, “I used my MAC!”. Brilliant word of mouth marketing, Everyone just had to have a MAC.

Let’s stop copying ideas from your competitors and start actually creating new products. Let’s try to focus on US (America) for once. You know, the place where you do most of your business and that gave your founders the freedom to start that business.

I miss Steve Jobs. He was a visionary. He envisioned products, hardware, and software, that was revolutionary. Steve was more focused on the elegance of the hardware and software side of the business. He made sure Apple products were user-friendly, hence why the iPhone has only 1 button, the home button.

His replacement, Tim Cook, seems to be focusing on change just to stay relevant. Why remove the Home Button on the iPhone, Tim? This was a brilliant and user-friendly feature of the iPhone. You pick up an iPhone and you press the 1 button. Even a baby knew how to do this. Today, you pick up the phone and what do you press?

Tim’s future of the internet, fusing AI (Artificial Intelligence) with internet security, is more in line with CHINA’S vision of the future internet. A vision similar to Skynet from the Terminator movies.

Tim, Steve Jobs once said, “have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”.

Cook’s comments come at a pivotal point for the company’s future in China, which is now its biggest market outside of North America. It relies on the sale of hardware and services in the world’s most populated country to propel revenue and profit growth. But the efforts required to stay in China’s good graces are causing tensions with civil libertarians and politicians at home.

Tim, One day you are going to have to choose. China or the US, Tim. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t serve 2 masters.

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