Goodbye Google Reader. You Were So Misunderstood

GoodBye Reader

It’s now time to say Good Bye to a longtime friend, Google Reader. For 7 years it’s been my go to resource for managing all my blog subscriptions. There is no way I would have been able to keep up with all the blogs I am following without the reader application. With so many blogs out there, especially the small personal blogs like my own, Google Reader allowed me to keep up with many small bloggers who posted infrequently (Like Myself) and at the same time allowed me to learn the craft of blogging. Google Reader was a major part of the blogosphere in the early days before social media and will now just be part of the internets history.

Google Reader, the Misunderstood Program

I feel like reader programs have been so misunderstood. I know I have beat this subject to a pulp by mentioning it so much on the blog but every blogger should be very familiar with a reader platform. If you are not then get up to speed quick! It’s a tool used by bloggers/journalists to monitor a large number of blogs and to get a sort of “Temperature Check” on any industry. From the attached screenshot you can see I am monitoring the Fashion industry, Lot’s of Tech Blogs, The sports industry, staying on top of the latest blogging tools and more. Many people ask me how I stay on top of so many trends? I use a reader program.

Here’s a flashback to a post I did back in 2009 – Lesson 2: Google Reader. I even embedded this little video to help explain what a Reader is:

A reader program is still the only way to get UNFILTERED content DIRECTLY from the blogs you are subscribed to. Although you can receive content from your favorite blogs through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many other social media platforms, there’s still no guarantee that you would receive ALL of your favorite blog posts. Facebook doesn’t show you all posts, just what it feels is relevant.

You would have to be very familiar with lists on Twitter & Google+ to make sure you received a blogs content that way and even then there was no way to track what you already read and what you didn’t.

Welcome to Feedly

My new reader of choice is Feedly so if you haven’t checked Feedly out then do so now. It is a great alternative that I have been using for just over 3 months. With Feedly around I won’t miss Google Reader at all but let’s hope Feedly doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon. There are not too many other alternatives that I liked.

So Goodbye Google Reader and I only hope that Feedly continues to be the great replacement it currently is. What Reader Programs did you migrate too?

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  • itbtinab

    I started using BlogLovin. It allowed you to import all the blogs you follow on Reader.

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