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Proud to be an Egyptian @Abanidrees

Proud to be an Egyptian @Abanidrees, originally uploaded by Organica-. I could have changed the title of the blog post to whatever I wanted but left it the way it is, the way the photographer intended it to be…

New York City

Comparing Tower 1 Pics from 2009 & 2011

Every so often I shoot a picture of the World Trade Center’s Tower 1. This time I decided to put the latest picture I took side by side with one of the earliest pictures I took of the tower just peeking…

New York City

World Trade Center Site

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying the summer.  I put together a quick video walking around the World Trade Center site. I actually have a ton of footage that needs to be sorted through. A project…

New York City

WTC Rising (Freedom Tower)

  Out of all the pictures I got this weekend this is my favorite. It’s the very beginning of the Freedom Tower just peeking out above street level. The area around Battery Park does not have nearly as much…