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Rockin Out With The iPhone!

Why are iPhone’s so popular? Here’s what one young lady did with her iPhone. I’m incredibly impressed! You may have seen this already as it’s gone viral but this video is a testament to how powerful the iPhone really is. This…

@Tech Talk Long Island WiFi on LI

Long Island Traffic!

With the spectacular weather we had yesterday I actually took out the video camera for the first time for 2010. Of course I spent most of my day in traffic so that’s what I filmed. Long Island Traffic! What…

@Tech Talk

“Amazing Video” – Had to Share :)

Here’s a video that I cannot stop watching over and over. I won’t give away which city it’s filmed in but if you can’t tell, you need to travel more. I’m thinking it’s time for me to plan a…

@Tech Talk All Things Apple

iPhone Apps that will Destroy the Economy!

That’s right! I proclaim the iPhone will destroy our economy, possibly, maybe… here’s my theory…. Even in this economy, the iPhone continually is beating sales results over last year. Apple reports that Quarterly iPhones sold were 5.2 million, representing 626…


NY Mets “Lost Season”

Today I came across some depressing footage while cleaning out my memory cards… some of the last video clips I made on my last visit to “Citifield”. I actually purchased the ticket, ($.99 on stub hub), because I knew this…


Welcome Back – Time for a Laugh! :)

“Some days I don’t get any inspiration for a blog topic, but this video I could not stop laughing over and had to share.” And I know, it’s been a fews days since I’ve posted or tweeted anything of…