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Facebook Hidden Requests? Why?

Check out this quick screenshot and then go into your own facebook page and verify you have no hidden requests. What is this? I always manage to get caught off-guard with another facebook privacy issue and this one I could not explain with a Google search. The facebook help center was of no help either. It’s the facebook hidden friend request. How do you do this? Why would you? Why do facebook friend requests need to be hidden and why are there no notifications in facebook or the facebook iPhone… Read More

My Personalized iPhone Wallpaper w/Incl PSD File

This is the latest wallpaper I made for my phone.   Just a little something I do to freshen up the look of the phone. I get tired of looking at the standard wallpaper’s that are included with the phone so I usually make my own. I’ve included the photoshop file so you can customize the text for your own use because I’m sure you don’t want my name on your phone (unless you have my name too). I may make more of these in the future so check back often under… Read More

Security 101 – Quick link Dump From the Last Week to Protect Yourself From all These Security Breaches

Here’s a quick link dump for everyone that sums up this weeks agenda. From 3 articles I wrote to help keep you secure due to all the recent data breaches to five articles I shared on twitter. Enjoy! Secure Your Gmail Account with Google Authenticator Moxier Password manager to help you change and keep track of all your passwords Free Anti-virus software to protect your computer Outside Links I shared on twitter: “Windows Users!” – How To Remove Programs Completely Using Revo Uninstaller – “Great!” Sony: Personal info compromised on PSN |… Read More