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Citifield at Night

Citifield at Night, originally uploaded by DVdaniels. I attended the Mets game last night and this may be the best picture I have gotten of the park in quite some time. The low cloud cover adds an excellent effect. What do you think?

NYC iPhone Pics 2010

This little presentation was made completely on my iPhone. It’s a combination of using the iPhone camera, using the Photoshop app to do some touch-ups and then uploading everything into the animoto app. I’ve got thousands of pictures in my phone and this is a great way to get them out. The song is pretty decent too for something that is licensed free. I have to walk by Battery Park everyday. These are some of the pictures I captured this week. This is the main branch of the NY Public Library at Battery Park,… Read More

Fun in a Cemetery…

Having even more fun with my iPhone here. On Sunday’s I usually run or take a walk thru the local Cemetery just down the block. Sounds creepy, I know, but it’s much closer than the closest park and it’s very quiet. Great place to clear your head. Carrying an iPhone around though kinda defeats the purpose. I did almost get lost but the GPS saved me yet again. Here are 20 shots and a screenshot of a walkthru of my local Cemetery. All done on the phone. Great weather! Can’t believe only… Read More

Car Wash for the Holidays!

I bought my car yesterday, (just turned it from a lease to a buy, I’ve actually already had it for 3 years) and decided to take it to the Car Wash to celebrate. Since I tried out Animoto on my last video and liked it I decided to try out the Animoto iPhone App. 10 pictures from my iPhone were used for this short (and free!) presentation. Some of the pictures I was able to Photoshop thru my Photoshop iPhone app. Some I left as is. It’s fast, free and can… Read More

Last Sunday of the Summer :(

Earlier today I tweeted a Photo through twitpic from my iPhone. Here are some of those shots. I happened to be doing my Sunday run when I stumbled across a Mass being held on the beach. “I have to admit this is really thinking outside the box“. I’m not a religious person myself but I would attend mass if this were a weekly happening. Unfortunately the weather will be changing here in NY in the next few weeks and Mass on the Beach would not be practical. An excellent idea… Read More