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It’s Wednesday already and I haven’t written much this week because of all the projects on my plate so I’m posting  a video. I grew up on Whitney Houston and she had some inspirational music. Now I’m just reminding…

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Rockin Out With The iPhone!

Why are iPhone’s so popular? Here’s what one young lady did with her iPhone. I’m incredibly impressed! You may have seen this already as it’s gone viral but this video is a testament to how powerful the iPhone really is. This…


We Are The World 2.0

I have discussed here before how fast media and technology are all evolving at a rate most people over a certain age have trouble keeping up with. Music artists today use new technologies in their music and new tools…

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Justin Bieber – Love, twitter style!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! The newest love song by Justin Bieber! What!?! Who is the kid?!? Looks like the kid we would have all been giving constant wedgies to. Whatever… He has talent, the music industry is…


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via [Dipdive] iamwill » Media » A Dream. Just because I thought this was so appropriate for Martin Luther King Day.…