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Apple’s Hits and Misses this Week

If you haven’t upgraded all the software on your MAC to the latest versions of everything, here is a little rundown. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the Apple world and I am not liking the dumbing down of some of their software. I can understand why they are dumbing it down but there are still power users like myself that really were using some of the more advanced features in iWork. Enough of my complaining though. Here’s a breakdown of Apple upgrades this week  and what I think… Read More

The New Adventures of my Old Macbook!

I’ve had quite the week! If you follow me on twitter at @DVDaniels, and I know you do… I have been raving about the Mountain Lion upgrade to my MAC that I just had to download as soon as it was available. Even though I plan on upgrading my MacBook Pro in September I though the $20 pricetag was too good to pass up. This upgrade was one of the best I have experienced in a long time and almost seemed tailor-made for me. Here is a quick rundown of… Read More

MAC APPS! Use Them for a Much Better Mac Experience.

I know… I haven’t blogged anything for the last 3 weeks. I’ve thankfully been very busy with blogging related activities for clients. I’ve even been somewhat quiet on twitter but I have been collecting all sorts of great tips for MAC users. Today’s tip, or tips, revolved around the use of Apps as opposed to using a browser…

No iCloud For You Verizon iPhone!

I have been following all the latest updates from Apple’s WWDC Event this week and documenting some of them here on the blog to share with all my fellow iPhone and Apple fans. But some of my friends will not share the same enthusiasm as me over iCloud and they all have one thing in common. They’re on Verizon! As a longtime user of the iPhone I am naturally on the AT&T network. This week I was going over where you can locate some of the many features of iCloud… Read More

iCloud is Here But Where Is It? Download Link included to iTunes 10.3

On my last posting I was speculating that iCloud would be launched in increments or stages. I did expect many of the features to be turned on and ready to use. Seems that’s not the case. So far this is what I have found: iCloud Can Be Found on IOS Devices in iTunes My entire collection of purchased music from iTunes is now available for download from my iPhone. There is now a purchased tab on the bottom of the phone where you can go through all your previous purchases. To the… Read More