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Facebook news selection is in hands of editors not algorithms, documents show | The Guardian

Exclusive: Leaked internal guidelines show human intervention at almost every stage of its news operation, akin to a traditional media organization.

The guidelines are sure to bolster arguments that Facebook has made discriminatory editorial decisions against rightwing media. Conservatives would label the majority of Facebook’s primary sources as liberal.

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How Facebook plans to take over the world | The Guardian

“You hear all the platitudes about Facebook connecting the planet, but to say they are doing it for benevolent reasons is absolute nonsense. It’s about connecting commerce, not people,” says venture capitalist and former journalist Om Malik, who reminds us of the hidden agenda of social networking firms: if you’re not paying, you’re the product.

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Google April Fool Gmail Button Sparks Backlash – BBC News

Google has removed an April Fool’s Gmail button, which sent a comical animation to recipients, after reports of people getting into trouble at work. The button appeared beside Gmail’s normal send button and allowed users to shut down an email thread by sending a gif of a Minion dropping a microphone. Source: Google April Fool Gmail button sparks backlash – BBC News This was news to me because I don’t use the web version of Gmail. For those of you who do, I would think twice about it. I used… Read More