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“Happy Winter”? Why I’m Grateful To Be ‘So Old’ That I Remember When It Was Normal To Say “Merry Christmas”

“This is politically-correct insanity…” Source: “Happy Winter”? Why I’m Grateful To Be ‘So Old’ That I Remember When It Was Normal To Say “Merry Christmas” Having recently found myself walking the streets of Berkeley, Calfornia, in need of caffeinated distraction from the liberal goings on around me, I stepped fortuitously into the nearest Starbucks, ordered and received my ‘iced grande extra hot lemon-spiced latte, add sprinkles, 3 pumps syrup’, my transaction was completed with the somewhat-shocking-to-me remark from the otherwise-lovely young female barista… “Happy Winter” I was perplexed – are… Read More

Is “Die Hard” a Christmas Movie?

This may be my new Holiday Tradition. You can avoid Political Talk around the table this Christmas and get down to some real issues. Is the original Die Hard movie a Christmas movie? They certainly featured the Christmas Season and Christmas music throughout the whole film. (Warning: Some bad language and a tad bit of violence in this trailer) So this year, whenever politics comes up as a topic I will change it to this. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Merry Christmas! Please Tell Me What “Holiday” You Are “Happy” to Celebrate?

Merry Christmas! I know nothing about other Holidays because it seems that 92% of the population celebrates Christmas. If you would like to learn a little about Kwanzaa you can watch this real conversation here. But the most RELEVANT Holiday in this country is CHRISTMAS! I have to go do my Christmas Shopping, set up my Christmas Tree and go Christmas Caroling. Merry Christmas!  

Former Facebook Execs Accuse It of Negatively Impacting Society

Can we all just stop using Facebook already? The Human race is just not ready for this technology… Source: Facebook bats back after a second former exec accuses it of negatively impacting society | TechCrunch Yesterday, The Verge published comments made by investor and former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya, quoting his interview last month at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, where he echoed recent comments made by former Facebook president Sean Parker that the platform is having deleterious effects on society. Said Palihapitiya at Stanford, “The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that… Read More