28 12, 2016

Working with Millenials can be a Challenge…

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Through no fault of their own, Millenials have suffered from bad parenting skills. Growing up with instant gratification, being told they are special and that they had to follow their passion, make an impact or have a purpose in life, Millenials arenot finding instant life or job satisfaction. These concepts were taught throughout a Millenials childhood by both parents and society and has made Millenials ill prepared for the corporate world. It will take strong leaders to address this problem but only if they can identify it. It is something I am constantly aware of with Mellinials, especially after beating my on Social Media addiction.

9 10, 2016

You Can’t Trust the Media. Do Your Own Fact Checking.

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I just can't. It was pretty obvious who won that second presidential debate but you wouldn't know it by what the mainstream media was reporting. As a marketer I am always fascinated with how the mainstream media all have the same talking points. Except for Drudge...

6 10, 2016

Breathing Some Life into an old MAC. Now I Just Need Apps.

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I added an original Mac Mini 1,1 to my little collection of Macs. This particular model is 10 years old. I acquired it a few weeks back and decided to see if I could go breathe some life into an old Mac as a backup to my other macs. You can easily find Mac Mini's on eBay for less than $100. Here are a few of the things you can and cannot do on Mac's today as opposed to 10 years ago...

21 07, 2016

The Hidden Reasons Why Gen-Xers’ Career Prospects Are Rising | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

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While millennials may be unfairly caricatured as socially inept much the way boomers are wrongly dismissed en masse for poor technical chops, the trends in companies' staffing needs are unmistakable. Gen X-ers, on the other hand, may be more likely to prove communication maestros by comparison.

5 07, 2016

A Millennial Recognizes Their Generation Sucks

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Millennials are the worst. I should know — I am one. At 26, I’m stuck in the middle of the world’s most maligned, mocked and discussed age group. And I hate it. Imagine being forever lumped into a smug pack of narcissists who don’t just ignore the past, but openly abhor anyone and everything that came before them.

8 06, 2016

The Web’s Creator Looks to Reinvent It – The New York Times

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“Edward Snowden showed we’ve inadvertently built the world’s largest surveillance network with the web,” said Mr. Kahle, whose group organized the conference. “China can make it impossible for people there to read things, and just a few big service providers are the de facto organizers of your experience. We have the ability to change all that.”

29 05, 2016

This is what it’s like to grow up in the age of likes, lols and longing

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“I don’t feel like a child anymore” she says. “I’m not doing anything childish. At the end of sixth grade” — when all her friends got phones and downloaded Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter — “I just stopped doing everything I normally did. Playing games at recess, playing with toys, all of it, done.” This article probably should have been titled "How Technology is Stealing Our Kids Childhoods"

28 05, 2016

Facebook Wants to Help Sell Every Ad on the Web – WSJ

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There is no escaping Facebook’s advertising reach. The social network has announced that it will now be foisting ads on to every single person who uses third-party sites that are signed up to its advertising scheme, regardless of whether the user has a Facebook account or not.

19 05, 2016

How images can be lifted from screens and turned into pornography  | Daily Mail Online

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These so-called ‘revenge porn’ sites house images of now-spurned former partners who once voluntarily posed in private with someone they thought they could trust. Some images are lifted from social media sites and manipulated on-screen to turn them into pornography. Others are stolen using sophisticated spyware, which can switch on and then control cameras on a victim’s computer or ‘smart’ TV

16 05, 2016

The sad reason many people love their Apple Watch – CNET

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People sit in meetings with laptops in front of them and talk over the top of them. They go to dinner, place their phones on the table and pick them up at least every five minutes to see whether something vital has happened in the (ir) world. Does the Apple Watch really make it better? Or will it finally destroy any concept we have of eye contact?

14 05, 2016

New Kevin James Comedy ‘Kevin Can Wait’ Set To Film On Long Island

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Long Island native, Kevin James, is returning home in this CBS Television Studios and Sony Television sitcom, “Kevin Can Wait.” The show is set to be filmed at Gold Coast Studios in Bethpage. The comedy will be Long Island’s first live studio audience sitcom.

12 05, 2016

Facebook news selection is in hands of editors not algorithms, documents show | The Guardian

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Exclusive: Leaked internal guidelines show human intervention at almost every stage of its news operation, akin to a traditional media organization. The guidelines are sure to bolster arguments that Facebook has made discriminatory editorial decisions against rightwing media. Conservatives would label the majority of Facebook’s primary sources as liberal.

3 05, 2016

The Trump Coloring Book, “Let’s Make Coloring Great Again!”

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“Let’s Make Coloring Great Again!” Whether he’s crossing the Delaware or playing chess with Putin, see Donald Trump like you’ve never seen him before! You can buy this online ;)

1 05, 2016

Mint.com says they can Share my Personal Information with Anyone. Goodbye Mint.com.

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We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to share or disclose your personal information with law enforcement, government officials, and other regulatory agencies. We may share or make available anonymous or aggregate information that cannot by used to identify you with: 3rd parties for research, marketing and promotional purposes and those 3rd parties may publicly report the findings of their research or analysis;

23 04, 2016

How Facebook plans to take over the world | The Guardian

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“You hear all the platitudes about Facebook connecting the planet, but to say they are doing it for benevolent reasons is absolute nonsense. It’s about connecting commerce, not people,” says venture capitalist and former journalist Om Malik, who reminds us of the hidden agenda of social networking firms: if you’re not paying, you’re the product.

16 04, 2016

Facebook Employees Asked Mark Zuckerberg If They Should Try to Stop a Donald Trump Presidency 

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This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared to publicly denounce the political positions of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign during the keynote speech of the company’s annual F8 developer conference. Top questions from employees at Facebook concerned getting fired, employee departures and slow growth.

12 04, 2016

Decades later, a new Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Easter Egg has been found | Ars Technica

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OMG! I was just taken back to my childhood. I still have the game and the system. I have to go back and check this out! If I was a developer back in the 80's what would I want people to find 30 years from now?

11 04, 2016

How Facebook is slowly eating the rest of the Internet – The Washington Post

By |2016-04-11T20:36:55-04:00April 11th, 2016|Facebook, Technology|1 Comment

Another interesting article in the Washington Post. Facebook reminds me of AOL. AOL also wanted to be "the internet". AOL was actually known as a walled internet and it took a while for newbies to the internet to realize there was a much more vibrant internet outside those walls.

10 04, 2016

Medium and Twitter founder: ‘We put junk food in front of them and they eat it’

By |2018-02-05T10:58:46-05:00April 10th, 2016|Technology|1 Comment

Ev Williams (Co-Founder of Twitter and Founder of Medium) is not a fan of the increasingly homogenised media he currently sees, with its emphasis on feeding the great, gaping maw of platforms like Twitter and Facebook too often producing what he describes as tantamount to junk food.

4 04, 2016

Siri can now answer more of your baseball questions | The Verge

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Finally! A real Siri upgrade... Now Apple has dramatically improved the knowledge base Siri can draw from, allowing the voice-activated personal assistant to answer a wider range of questions about the sport.

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