The Mexican Winter Olympic Team is Back!

The Winter Olympics are back and this year it’s in beautiful, Sunny and warm Sochi Russia but the real story is always about the MEXICAN WINTER OLYMPIC TEAM! 

4 years ago I did an in depth review of the Mexican Winter Olympic team. It’s 1 guy, Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe and I wrote about him here. He won nothing and I believe he came in 2nd to last at the one event he was in. But now he’s BACK! And at 55 years old he’s still as flamboyant as ever. This isn’t a story here in the U.S. but it should be!

In a nutshell, here’s a guy with dual citizenship, Germany/Mexico, which explains why he does a lot of skiing, all of it in Germany. He’s also a Prince from the German side since there is no recognized royalty in Mexico. Germany has an established Winter Olympic team so the “Prince” could not get on the German team but since Mexico has no team… Heck, it has no winter… the “Prince” has been the only representative of the country for the last 2 Winter Olympics.

He’s cleaned up his website in 4 years!

Gone are all the pictures of the “Prince” and his many, many, many, half naked beautiful snow bunnies. His old website conveyed the image he was a true Hugh Hefner of the Ski Slopes and my theory was that he goes to the Olympics just to participate in the Olympic Village festivities. There’s a reason why the Olympic Committee this year is giving out 100,000 condoms.

Now the sites focus is on his “work”.  Mostly pictures of himself looking at other things but he does have a musical career too. This video is a very brief rundown of what is considered the most interesting Olympian at the Winter Olympics. I know you all missed it…

And if you speak Spanish this version is a little better. It also shows the “elaborate” Winter Olympics festivities in Mexico (that’s sarcasm folks).

Call me crazy but I find the Winter Olympics boring although this year it’s in a sunny, seaside location with spring weather and attended by countries like Mexico.

Did I miss anything about the “Prince”? Let me know in the comments below.

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