USS New York

I recently went to visit the USS New York while it was docked here at Pier 88 right next to the Intrepid this past week. The weather really did cooperate all week, topping out at 70 degrees, and the tour of the Navy’s newest warship was also completely free!

While I was walking through the ship the crew of the USS New York acted as tour guides and did a very good job at it too. There is a ton of information on the USS New York from all over the web. Here are two I found interesting:

The ship’s primary mission will be to deploy Marine battalions to the scene of counter-terrorism operations. Her last day here in New York before she goes to work will be Veteran’s day, November 11th. She then heads out to sea on the 12th to start 10 days of training and then it’s off to fight the war on terror.

I wish the crew and the ship the best of luck in their fight against terrorism and I’m glad they stuck around until Veteran’s Day.

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  • ndgman

    As a member of the Armed Forces you should come around more often and bring a wide angle lens. That would put some pop into pictures of something so large.

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