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Vincenza Messina Daniels

“Thank you Lord for sending me into this world under the protection of such an amazing Mom to guide me in my early years. She was a strong Christian warrior and later in life became a very capable digital soldier. You blessed her with three Christian warriors to mold, she communicated our mission to us loud and clear and did her best to get us ready for the storm we are in. For that I am eternally grateful and I know that you will welcome her with open arms for playing a part in completing the mission. Amen

That mission? To let your light shine and don’t let it go out. My Mom’s parents left Sicily during WWII because this country was a beaming light of freedom in the world but the darkness they ran from is now here. There is no running this time. The mission is clear. It is time to let those lights shine bright!

I am thankful that my mother blessed me with such a strong biblical name,  a constant reminder of who I am. Named after a King who was one of Gods favorites, David had some major life failures. Through it all God made him one of the most powerful kings in Israel and brought the Messiah from his line. Though any man fails, God does not desert him—that is true for us as it was for David.

On our final conversation my Mom asked me, incredulously, “How are you surviving?” (COVID🙄) I explained that we were trained well to handle storms. Jesus slept during storms because he had power to calm storms. We also have that power in our own lives.

We were trained to reject the world’s programming, a world that is always teaching us to be fearful of something invisible, whether it be a Cold War, terrorists or an invisible virus. She taught us not to fear because evil feeds off of fear.

In the end she lost her soul, for the bible says thou shalt not steal. Despite the many opportunities she was given in life to correct wrongs within the family she ultimately chose to attempt to further divide it in her death. It was a rough moment in time for all but in the end, there is no honor amongst thieves. Despite all her hard work, I have completed my mission and moving on to the next one as the only child of hers moving on to build the new world.

I will always love you Mom. You did well, we will complete the mission despite the setbacks and I hope to make the kingdom proud. Your Middle Son Forever, David