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My Privacy Policy

This site is strongly committed to safeguarding subscribers’ privacy. It operates under the following strict privacy policy:

The only information we obtain about our subscribers is information we need to process credit card charges for subscription fees. The information collected is never revealed, sold, or made public for any reason. Credit card numbers are not stored on this site.

Personally identifiable information provided by subscribers (name, email or home address, etc.) is never disclosed to any individual or business.

Cookies uses cookies to make it easier for members to log in and for me to analyze site traffic, which I don’t do anyway.

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Here is a list of the cookies in use and their function. (Yes, it’s techie stuff. I supply this information to keep Europea Union enforcers content. To see what I am dealing with, click here.)



Your consent applies to the following domain:

External Links
In order to provide visitors with greater value, some of our pages may provide links to various third-party websites. In no case is subscriber information or ‘cookies’ provided to the third party sites.

However, keep in mind that many sites do attempt to capture visitor information when you browse those sites. Once you leave our site, we are not able to alert you should another site attempt to gather information from your browser.

Private Forums
We provide our subscribers with discussion forums that make sharing information with other subscribers easy. To protect your privacy when posting or replying to messages in the message board, your personal information and email are not revealed.

However, remember that any information you disclose in the message board areas can be read by all other subscribers, so exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information. I have always recommended an ID that does not reveal your name.

We use a variety of security measures including encryption and authentication from Thawte to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of your personal information under our control.

Our site gives users the opportunity to opt-in to receive communications from us. You can be assured that we never reveal, sell, or make available your email address to anyone for any purpose. This site also gives users options for removing their information from our database in order to stop receiving our communications.

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy, feel free to contact me.