2 08, 2020

Ignore. How Should Marketers Treat TikTok.

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TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a $100 billion corporation based in Beijing. ProtonMail last month noted that TikTok harvests a great deal of information about its users, including how long you watch videos, what kinds of videos you like and which videos you share, along with any messages you exchange in the app.

22 05, 2020

Learning Javascript during Quarantine

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What have I been doing with my quarantine time? Picking up some JavaScript training and making some good progress too. If you have the time and resources I would highly recommend a coding boot camp, especially now that you can access them from anywhere via Zoom.

18 04, 2020

YouTube Quietly Introduces a Free Video Builder for Businesses

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Video Builder is currently available in beta, with interested parties invited to apply for access. While Video Builder is likely to be a great tool for businesses, individuals stuck at home may also be keen to start their own YouTube channel.

14 04, 2020

Social Media Management: The Basics

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Social Media is similar but not quite marketing. It is an opportunity for the public to sing the praises about your business. It's two-way marketing, whereas traditional marketing is one way. Your objective with social media is to keep your community aware of what your business offers and then engage them. 

12 04, 2020

Today is a New Beginning… Happy Easter.

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In another story of captivity, under the Pharaoh in Egypt, the Children of Israel were valued only by how many bricks they could make each day. When they left Egypt it took years to get that mentality out of them - to move into being identified not by what they did but by who they were.

3 04, 2020

Here are 6 Marketing Ideas you should be Looking at Now:

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Easter is April 12th and so far I have been surprised by only 1 local business putting out their Easter menu or promo. Easter marketing is virtually non-existent right now. If you are open in a limited capacity now is the time to get that Easter Special out. Be a leader and encourage your customers to celebrate the holiday. It's important now more than ever.

2 04, 2020

Starting Over

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I believe this is a great time for our entire country to reboot. Know what happens to a computer when it reboots? It runs faster. There may have been a “virus” running that you did not know about but rebooting flushes it out. This country is long over due for a reboot. When it does it is going to fly! The entrepreneurial sprit is back. Companies are starting to innovate again which I have not really seen in quite a while. American car companies are producing ventilators...

5 01, 2020

“NOT ME!” Opera Star David Daniels And Husband Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges

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"Hey! Are you this guy?" No, I'm not. Thankfully. To each his own and everyone has their own path in life but when people Google just my name, $hit like this comes up. It's embarrassing. But life goes on.

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