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When Am I Getting My Starbucks Gold Card?
March 24, 2010

When Am I Getting My Starbucks Gold Card?

OK, I received a few questions about the Starbucks Gold Card and Google has directed lots of people to my site looking for information on when they are getting their Starbucks Gold Cards. Why, I really don’t know but I’ll outline what information I have received from Starbucks so far.

I do know that on March 13th I earned my 30th star for a Starbucks Gold Card. Took me 3 months to earn this. On March 17th Starbucks confirmed my Gold status and sent me an email stating,

We’ll be putting a welcome packet in the mail for you, just as another little thank you. We send it via snail mail, so please make sure we have your correct mailing address. You should receive your welcome packet in 4-6 weeks.

And then Starbucks includes a little link to explain their program details.

So I am expecting my Starbucks Gold Card, at the latest, the end of April. The included picture is a Starbucks Gold Card from their previous gold card program. I’ll get a pic of the new card and post it as soon as it’s recieved. If you’ve gotten yours already and want to post, send me a pic.

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