If you have ever done a search for your business on Google, Yelp typically comes up as the second listing behind your website. If your website is not search engine optimized your Yelp page may actually outrank your website. That means Yelp is telling the story about your business instead of your website. Not an ideal situation. 1 bad review on Yelp could drop your business by 70%.

Typically, a business with an overall 4 star Yelp score will get 70% more business than a business with an overall 3-Star Yelp score. Although there is no guaranteed way to remove bad reviews, I have been known to get a review removed from time to time because the reviewer violated Yelps own TOS (Terms Of Service).

This is not a stand-alone service, I include the Yelp service with some of my premium local SEO plans but I am always available to give advice on whether or not a review can be removed.

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