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Twitter App used to spread Fake News, Hate, Division and it is done by BOTS…

Posted by: David Daniels on May 17, 2022.

Elon Musks deal to buy twitter is on hold as we all learn that the platform is mostly bots.

Elon’s mission to purchase twitter is really starting to look like a fact finding mission to find out how many bots and fake accounts are on the platform. The intel from this mission can tell us how twitter is used to manipulate public opinion on any topic which will in turn destroy the platform. The combination of Trumps new Platform, Truth Social, and Elon’s attempted acquisition of twitter is the one two punch that is needed to take out the number one weapon of misinformation on the planet.

In my opinion, and now the opinion of many users of the new Truth Social, twitter may be comprised of up to 90% bots but a more conservative number would be around 50%. This means that most people on twitter are arguing with and being emotionally manipulated by bots.


I am also watching trends. I was a big user of Twitter Trends until it became noticeably clear that the trends were being manipulated. Now I can evaluate trends across both platforms (Twitter and Truth Social) and see what people are really talking about but if Twitter really is 50% bots then their trends are worthless. I am certainly not talking about COVID just before Memorial Day.

Right now the Truth Social analytics is very basic and just limited to Trends but I am sure they are looking at analytics that are similar to twitters like they have here and will build more out in the future… https://analytics.twitter.com/user/DavidDaniels71/home.

You can find me on Truth Social here at https://truthsocial.com/@daviddaniels but Gab will always be a home too at https://gab.com/DavidDaniels.

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