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TikTok is banned in China. Chinese kids get an educational version of TikTok…

Posted by: David Daniels on November 27, 2022.

This is a thread I pulled off twitter. I have always known that tiktok was Chinese spyware but this thread just takes me down a deeper rabbit hole. Is this why the Trump adminstration was attempting to ban the app in this country?

I made tiktok videos every day for 2 years

One day I woke up and I was permanently banned for violence

This lead me down a tiktok rabbit hole and what I found is disturbing

TikTok is owned by a company called ByteDance

Headquartered in Beijing China

Under China’s law, ByteDance has to censor information that is unapproved by the Chinese government

My tiktok videos were about bitcoin education

When I started going viral, my account got deleted for EXTREME VIOLENCE

Bitcoin is banned in china…

Is this why they censored me?

TikTok ITSELF is banned in china

Why would a Chinese app be banned in it’s own country?

And if a country censors information to its own citizens, would they do the same to outsiders?

Conspiracy theorists believe TikToks algorithm is designed to create mass division and hate

Here are some examples 👇

If you say men are trash and young girls should do Only Fans you get verified

If you say women are stupid and can’t drive you get promoted

If you say men and women are not enemies you get banned

Here is one of my old tiktok videos warning people not to fall for it

China has their own version of tiktok called Douyin

Their algorithm prioritizes educational content, and kids can only spend 40 minutes a day on it

So China gets the educational version of tiktok, while the rest of the world gets chaos

Donald Trump warned people of the dangers of tiktok and signed an executive order to ban it

But when Biden got into office, it was suddenly dropped… 🧐

I’ll leave you with this…

You don’t need the government to ban something for you to realize it’s bad

You can delete tiktok off your phone yourself

Drop a like and give me a follow because this is my new home now 🫶

Originally tweeted by Crypto Tea (@CryptoTea_) on November 25, 2022.

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