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Facebook SmartPhone Rumors & the FBI’s Backdoor Request

Here’s the rumor going around the web at the moment: Facebook is planning on introducing a smartphone! Read More About That Here… What would a Facebook smartphone be like? Probably a lot like Facebook. It may be dirt cheap, even free, but would rely heavily on ads to support it financially. It may also be slow, buggy, and ugly but because it’s free it would be the top cellphone on the planet, a cell phone capable of collecting data about everything you do. Read more about facebook building a smartphone… Read More

Testing the iPhone 4’s FaceTime Capabilities as Well as Security Tips Regarding Using Video Services

I took a little time this weekend to test out the iPhone 4’s FaceTime capabilities (since I “Finally” upgraded). I had a little help testing out FaceTime from Kerel Cooper of who Vlogs (Video Blogs) about the NY Mets. He also happens to be a fan of all things Apple like myself. That’s me and my little head in the upper left corner of that screenshot. ;)

Tech Tuesday – Protect Your iPhone on Public Wifi

It’s Tech Tuesday – Long Island has just suffered through Snowpocalypse and I’m spending my time trying to lock down my iPhone instead of enjoying the snow…. a typical tuesday in my world. Using a VPN on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? If your using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your computer maybe you should also have one installed on your iPhone. Here’s a quick video I made running through how to turn on the VPN on your iPhone…

Opera Mini – The Secure Choice When on Public WiFi

I have been investigating ways to make my iPhone more secure on Public WiFi. Knowing that the iPhone does not provide access to its file system, and does not have any enabled shell accounts unless you’ve jailbroken it, means that the only time your phone is vulnerable is when you are using unsecured public WiFi. Normally when I access a public WiFi network I will turn on the VPN network I use. The VPN I use for my laptop also offers protection for my iPhone but this will also slow… Read More