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$15,000 for Promoted Tweets?!?

Yup! You read that correctly. In response to my inquiry about twitters promoted products I learned that one of the minimum requirements for a twitter advertising campaign is a starting budget of $15,000 a month, a 3 month commitment, previous…

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Backblaze – Online Backup (My Beta)

It’s Tech Tuesday! I got a response to my “Goodbye MOZY” posting  and Backblaze may just be my new online backup option. (I do not promote any services, just the one’s I actually use.) Less than 4 hours after…

@Tech Talk Twitter

New Twitter – Some New Features Explained

I’ve been using new twitter now for about a week and absolutely love it. Here is a video from twitter lead developer, Kevin Cheng, who walks through some of the newest features of new twitter… For more video’s from…

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Quit Facebook Day – May 31st 2010

What a response! America is speaking up! Users of facebook are deleting their accounts in droves. No one really knows how many accounts are being deleted everyday but a small movement is growing and a quit Facebook day is…