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Top 5 iPad Apps I Use For Productivity

I know, it’s been almost a month since my last posting! This posting will be different from previous ones because I’m focusing on the best apps, not just free ones. I know I’ve always focused on free apps but my favorite apps happen to be premium versions. I’ll still be on the lookout for freebies but when it comes to taking advantage of an apps full capabilities, you may want to go premium.

MAC APPS! Use Them for a Much Better Mac Experience.

I know… I haven’t blogged anything for the last 3 weeks. I’ve thankfully been very busy with blogging related activities for clients. I’ve even been somewhat quiet on twitter but I have been collecting all sorts of great tips for MAC users. Today’s tip, or tips, revolved around the use of Apps as opposed to using a browser…

Fighting Cell Phone Obsession – Just Turn it Off? Tips from an Overuser

Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s been a good two weeks since I have blogged. Thank goodness this site doubles as my personal blog because I have been very busy lately… Lot’s of new social media related projects have come down the pipe and I’ve had to learn to put the phone away under many new circumstances. Although my iPhone is still the top content curator for me, using it for communications while creating content has become a major juggling act.

How Social Media will Shut Down NYC on MAY 1st

A General Strike has Been Called in NYC, May 1st – Facebook Event For those of you who get your News from TV, you will not hear about this until, maybe, the day of the event. Tuesday, May 1st, a massive mobilization of Unions, Activist Groups, Social Media Activists and Everyday People will converge on NYC and set in motion a series of actions to withdraw from participation in the normal workings of the economic system — by not working if that is an option, but also by not shopping,… Read More

Weekend Link RoundUp: Foursquare Tax Procrastinators, Will Facebook destroy Instagram and More…

Here’s this week’s Sunday Link Roundup according to my Instagram account. Lot’s of talk this week about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram.  Twitter widens gap on Facebook (but Pinterest is on the Rise) – is Twitter’s lofty position under threat from Facebook, and other, rising social platforms such as Pinterest? New Study lends insight into shopping habits of Tablet Users – Going shopping online? If so, there’s a good change you’re a tablet owner. That was the general theme that surfaced time and again in a new report published on Friday. Using Foursquare… Read More

What Social Media Network Should Kids Use First? Facebook or Twitter?

It’s your kids 13th birthday and they now are technically old enough to setup a facebook account but should they? This is the debate that has been going on in my little social circle. Parents who have practically no social media experience are now being asked to police kids social media activities. Parents hear stories about how facebook and twitter give the outside world too much access to their kids but just like any activity, you need to put on the training wheels first before they ride the bike. Your… Read More