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Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Private DMs to DOJ – Project Veritas

File this under “Angry”! But this is Great Reporting. I will go to their site and donate to their work here at They do great old school reporting. Personally we all know that everything posted online is stored forever but now that it is confirmed, and even used against the average citizen… now more than ever I will be sticking to emails via my website. Today Project Veritas will be dropping more videos involving how Shadow banning is done on social media. Should be interesting. Source: UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Sr… Read More

Talking about Ghetto Social Media Communities. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram et all

Matt Drudge, who is the operator of the DrudgeReport, one of the TOP news websites on the planet, reminded me of how the internet was about 20 years ago. He steps out to talk to Alex Jones of InfoWars this past week and it’s one of the most profound interviews I have heard in quite a while. Step inside the blog to listen to two internet giants talk about the decline of social media into “Ghetto” platforms that are either all owned by the same company or financed by the same banking system…

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Don’t Forget the Rest of the Internet. Especially Reddit

I had something else I wanted to post this morning but I opted for this little blog posting instead because Marketing on Social Media is more than just Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and any other free platform you can get yourself on. If you’re not blogging or at the very least have a mobile optimized website you are ignoring the rest of the internet at your own risk…

$15,000 for Promoted Tweets?!?

Yup! You read that correctly. In response to my inquiry about twitters promoted products I learned that one of the minimum requirements for a twitter advertising campaign is a starting budget of $15,000 a month, a 3 month commitment, previous experience running SEO ad campaigns and an established presence on twitter. So if you are a blogger or a small business looking to expand your presence on twitter, don’t bother going down this route. Go buy a house instead because your twitter campaign will cost you a minimum of $180,000 a year, way beyond the reach of… Read More

Twitter 101 – Using SMS on Twitter

I have been using twitter now since May 2008 when it was mostly an SMS service. Texting was big “way back then” and twitter allowed me to use my old blackberry to communicate with a large group of people via SMS or text message. The same still holds true today but most people have forgotten about the SMS beginnings of twitter and instead are now using some form of twitter clients on their computers or phones or the twitter website itself to send tweets. And that’s all cool and OK… Read More