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Running Apps – There Are Too Many of Them. Which One’s to Use?

The summer running season is just getting started and as I’m preparing to run my first 5K of the season this weekend I look back at the apps that I have used to get me ready. I will vouch for both of them, they are awesome. Both apps also have great integrated music players and your running results can be posted to facebook or twitter so your friends can laugh at them. ;) So without further ado, here are the apps I use and highly recommend… . Couch 2 5K… Read More

How Many Social Media Networks Are You Using? When is Enough, Enough?

This past weekend I went through and listed all the social media networks I have active accounts with. So far I have totaled up 13 active social media accounts. No wonder I’m never on facebook! Where am I? Besides the standard facebook, twitter and YouTube accounts, I have used tumblr, flikr, Dailybooth, foursquare, wordpress, Google Buzz (Does that count?), Linkedin, Tout, Fellowup and Vimeo. I feel like I’m forgetting one but I’m sure it’ll come to me. Oh Yeah, I just started using “Meetup” Make that 14… There are still… Read More

Gmail Gets Serious About Security. New Security Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry’s

Google gets extremely serious about security surrounding gmail after the recent Epsilon security breach where the email addresses of millions of customers of up to 50 major companies may have been compromised. Google is certainly not taking this lightly as they have already implemented a new security feature called “2 step verification” that is available on all Gmail accounts and I am very impressed with the new feature. But you do have to go in and turn it on. It’s not for the tech newbie. Security has really been beefed… Read More

Tech Tuesday – “Dropbox” adds the ability to upload Multiple Files from your iPhone

It’s Tuesday already! Time to get techy! Ever have an app that you downloaded to your iPhone only to find that you rarely use it? Dropbox was that app but now, with their newest upgrade, Dropbox will be used frequently enough to warrant a spot on the dashboard. This video is my lastest screencast going over some features of the Dropbox desktop and iPhone app including their newest feature, the ability to upload multiple files simultaneously. . MY TOP TIP: my top use for this new feature is taking pictures… Read More

Tech Tuesday – Capture 360º Video’s From an iPhone 4

I want one! And when I want one it must be a good project. ;) Here is a very popular project on kickstarter that I found very interesting. A 360º Camera lens for the iPhone 4. Check out this new and very interesting kickstarter project at and tell me what you think? .

Tech Tuesday – “My New Workshop”

I have been incredibly busy lately and this weekend I spent most of my time working on various projects instead of a “Tech Tuesday” posting. I’ll have something techy up next week. My workshop, located at is a site I’ve had for quite a while that I’ve used to test wordpress, plugin’s, themes, and upgrades before attempting them here. Since the site has been generating traffic I decided to start using it on a more permanent basis. Of course I’ll always blog at my personal site which was the… Read More