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Twitter 101 – Using SMS on Twitter

I have been using twitter now since May 2008 when it was mostly an SMS service. Texting was big “way back then” and twitter allowed me to use my old blackberry to communicate with a large group of people via SMS or text message. The same still holds true today but most people have forgotten about the SMS beginnings of twitter and instead are now using some form of twitter clients on their computers or phones or the twitter website itself to send tweets. And that’s all cool and OK… Read More

Facebook Wants Me Back

What a sneaky company facebook is! I get this email from this somewhat attractive woman who goes by the name of  Savannah Young. She only has one friend and wants me to log back into facebook to check out her pictures. You can click on the screenshot to see the actual email. Facebook also recommends other people I may know. These people happen to be people who I used to be friends with on facebook. Is facebook keeping my personal information? Yes. Are they using that personal information against me?… Read More

My Facebook Account – Deactivated

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Or is it? I’ll never really know but I did spend some time trying to figure out the best way to delete the account. I went with the double delete method. This is where I went in to my account and manually deleted all my personal info and pictures. I then attempted to look for the delete the account button but it’s next to impossible to find. There is a deactivate option on facebook but that just keeps your account inactive for future use…. Read More

Can You Live Without Facebook?

The question you should really ask yourself is if you lost your facebook profile would the general public still be able to find you on the internet? If the answer to that question is “No” you might want to take some charge over your digital identity. All facebook really should do is allow you to be found on the internet. Nothing more. Amazingly , only within the last week have I been checking my facebook settings. Word was coming out of the facebook F8 conference this week that facebook has… Read More