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Google+ Gives Me That Old School, Non-Narcissistic Internet Feeling

This year the blog is approaching it’s 13th Birthday. 13 YEARS! That’s a long time! Longer than any of the Social Media networks have been around. I remember the early days of blogging. Blogs had no competition and bloggers like myself had plenty of readers. We we’re able to pick a topic that we were passionate about and just start writing. We rarely talked about ourselves and had amazing conversations online. The only metric we were looking at was how many subscribers we had to our feed or email list…. Read More

My Poor Blog! It’s Been Neglected…

I have to admit, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. My last posting was at the end of January and I preach that you should, at MINIMUM, update your blog once a week. It’s been 5 for me but there has been so much going on in my life on top of the constant changes in the tech world… who can keep up!

WTH is a Social Media Whore? If you Are One, Go Help a Small Business!

There Are 181,000 Social Media ‘Gurus,’ ‘Ninjas,’ ‘Masters,’ and ‘Mavens’ on Twitter – Ad Age Digital This was a very popular article recently that seemed to be a hot topic in many of my circles. Seems that there are over 181,000 Social media “Experts” in the field including 171 “Social Media Whores“. I know there are quite a few people out there

Social Media Reports the Story: Long Island is Almost Out of Gas

Sorry Everyone, I have been very busy but I will get up and blogging soon. It’s been a few weeks! A lot has been going on in my life and I’ve made significant upgrades to my equipment. I made these upgrades so I could get more work done. Now I’m getting more work to do. It’s a catch 22. Oh Well, can’t complain! I have a lot of new tech tools I will want to write about real soon but today I have been watching the biggest story on Long… Read More

How Social Media will Shut Down NYC on MAY 1st

A General Strike has Been Called in NYC, May 1st – Facebook Event For those of you who get your News from TV, you will not hear about this until, maybe, the day of the event. Tuesday, May 1st, a massive mobilization of Unions, Activist Groups, Social Media Activists and Everyday People will converge on NYC and set in motion a series of actions to withdraw from participation in the normal workings of the economic system — by not working if that is an option, but also by not shopping,… Read More