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Who Bought Facebook Stock this Week? Always Listen to your Tech Bloggers before buying Tech Stocks

Facebook IPO? It’s Going to Get Ugly! The tech world pretty much called it this week. The Facebook IPO was one of the more overrated IPO’s to come out of Silicon Valley in a long time. Many of my favorite tech blogs called it correctly too. There were just a few tech blogs, they will remain nameless, that focused on the fact that Facebook employees would be getting paid. I was very disappointed in those tech blogs. I hope they can stay focused on blogging tech and stay away from… Read More

“Tweetbot” – A New Twitter App That Reinforces the Apple Experience

Tweetbot for iPhone… If your like me, I like to use apps that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. This new twitter client, just released today from a small Silicon Valley startup called Tapbots, is just that. A really good-looking twitter app with a lot of functionality. Now I have only been using Tweetbot for a few hours but it is already my twitter client of choice. Tweetbot is very fast, has not frozen up on me like other first generation apps and I love the fact I can… Read More