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@Tech Talk Long Island WiFi on LI

Long Island Traffic!

With the spectacular weather we had yesterday I actually took out the video camera for the first time for 2010. Of course I spent most of my day in traffic so that’s what I filmed. Long Island Traffic! What…

Long Island

Nassau County – Fastest Internet in the United States

Nassau County has the fastest internet in the United States and if you lived on Long Island you already knew that.  Newsday is now confirming it at .Psst…. Newsday is owned by “CABLEVISION“! ;)…

@Tech Talk Education

What I’m Reading This Sunday Morning:

The Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change. Here is a topic I explore quite frequently here on my blog, the differences between Generations X, Y and the Millennial’s. Looks like the Pew Research Center is also doing an in depth…

@Tech Talk

Connectify – Making Internet Sharing Easy!

Here’s a little free piece of software that I found that just might come in handy. Especially if you and your significant other are at the local Starbucks but only one of you has internet access. This little piece of software…