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Top 5 Reasons to Skip Verizon’s iPhone 4 via CNET

A great video by CNET that explains why you should wait for the next generation iPhone on Verizon or stay with AT&T. There are plenty of great phones on Verizon that are better than this current version of the iPhone 4. So be careful before locking in that new 2yr contract. Waiting 6 months may just well be worth it.

First Look at IOS4.3 Beta –

Here is the first look at the IOS 4.3 Beta for the iPhone & iPad. Since I’m not an Apple Developer I was not able to download the Beta version but I did have some questions this video answered. The hot-spot feature has not been turned on yet but is included. Still no word as to when IOS 4.3 will actually be coming out. CNET shows off some of the new features, including new multitouch gestures, that are in the latest developers’ version of Apple’s iOS for the iPhone and… Read More

I Am Really Enjoying IOS4

FOLDERS!!! The ability to make folders on the iPhone to organize all the apps you collect is the best thing to happen to the iPhone since… MMS? I’m not sure why it took so long to get this feature but absolutely love it. If you haven’t figured out how you just press on any app until you get them all to wiggle and they have their little x’s on them. You drag the app on top of another one and your folder will be made. It’s that easy. I’ve also… Read More

IOS 4 Update Day

Have you updated your iPhone OS today? Related articles Why Apple doesn’t want Flash on iOS ( iOS4 Releases Tomorrow, Get Ready Tonight [IOS4] ( Evernote for Apple iOS4 is here (

Jones Beach Boardwalk

This was the second day in a row of nice weather after Long Island was beat up by a storm that will go down as one of the worst in history. I was able to get to the Jones Beach Boardwalk and enjoy the weather and here are a few of the pictures I got on my iPhone: In a nutshell I used the iPhone’s standard camera, the Photoshop app to do some touchup’s and the Animoto app for the slideshow. I’ll have more done with my “Real” Camera” for… Read More

Get Visible Vote for Facebook, Blackberry, iPhone, Google Android or Windows!

This is the iPhone app I’m playing with this Sunday morning. ;) Visible Vote is the first and only application that allows you to cast a virtual vote on the same measures that your representatives vote on and then informs them of your position. Visible Vote is an unbiased and non-partisan service that aims to bring transparency to our representative form of government. Discover the most technologically effective way to advise, communicate and track your legislators. via Get Visible Vote for Facebook, Blackberry, iPhone, Google Android or Windows!. Once you… Read More