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Is the Apple Watch in Trouble?

The watch can be very personal and a reflection of your lifestyle but the Apple watch is not. It’s designed to tether you to your phone, keeping you constantly updated on any and all messages throughout the many apps you may be using.

My new watch, on the other hand, keeps reminding me to go out and play! It wants to go swimming and reminds me I have a stopwatch so start using me! It’s yelling at me: Go running! Get some sun! I even have an alarm, just like your sissy little iPhone, to wake you up for your morning run. Turn that damn iPhone off and let’s have some fun!

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Top 5 iPad Apps I Use For Productivity

I know, it’s been almost a month since my last posting! This posting will be different from previous ones because I’m focusing on the best apps, not just free ones. I know I’ve always focused on free apps but my favorite apps happen to be premium versions. I’ll still be on the lookout for freebies but when it comes to taking advantage of an apps full capabilities, you may want to go premium.

AppJudgement – YouTube Channel

A few days ago I uploaded a little 30sec video to youtube about the At Bat 2010 iPhone App. When I went back to YouTube to check on the uploaded video YouTube suggested some related videos. I ended up watching a few of the suggestions and enjoyed watching some videos from a channel called AppJudgement. This channel does reviews on apps, many on the iPad but they also do some on the iPhone. And the videos are pretty professional. They have a very informative take on the Apps… Read More

I Got my iPad Early!

I just received my brand spanking new iPad and it’s the bomb! Yes, Steve Jobs called me earlier in the month of March and asked if I would review the iPad for him. I originally turned him down but after the incessant phone calls, emails and texts to my iPhone I finally relented. The last MMS he sent me with him on his knees, begging, was just pathetic…. So now I have been using the iPad for the last week and I have to admit, it looks and feels just… Read More

Will The iPad make AT&T’s Service Even Worse On Long Island?

  The iPad with WiFi is scheduled to be released April 3rd  and 30 days after that the iPad with WiFi and 3G will hit the market. Will an AT&T 3G network that seems to be humming along on Long Island take a hit? The iPad, being a portable tablet, makes it perfect for the NY market but especially for Long Island with it’s extensive Optimum WiFi network. I can just see people sitting in many of the parks located throughout Long Island with iPads in their hands, browsing the… Read More

120,000 iPad Pre-Orders – Man Admits He’s Wrong

Come on! What are the odds Apple would “PRE-SELL” 120,000 iPads and on the same day a man admits he’s actually wrong…. I usually trust my instincts when I decide to make a decision on a product released by Apple. In this case I just might be wrong as I predicted the iPad would be a dud on the name alone. It has been estimated that Apple has sold 120,000 iPads in 1 day. “Apple has been able to generate over $75M in 1 day on a product that 99.9%… Read More