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Why Do I Have 4 Calendar Apps on my iPhone?

Ok, I’m getting back to my Tuesday Schedule… Lately I have been looking very closely at the 4 most important apps on my iPhone for organizing myself. Email, Calendar, Tasks (or to-do’s) and Project Management. Today I’m going to focus on the Calendar apps. This is the one app that most people should be looking at everyday and if you get the right one, your days should run much smoother. Here is a rundown of what I use and my go to Calendar app…

Facebook SmartPhone Rumors & the FBI’s Backdoor Request

Here’s the rumor going around the web at the moment: Facebook is planning on introducing a smartphone! Read More About That Here… What would a Facebook smartphone be like? Probably a lot like Facebook. It may be dirt cheap, even free, but would rely heavily on ads to support it financially. It may also be slow, buggy, and ugly but because it’s free it would be the top cellphone on the planet, a cell phone capable of collecting data about everything you do. Read more about facebook building a smartphone… Read More

No iCloud For You Verizon iPhone!

I have been following all the latest updates from Apple’s WWDC Event this week and documenting some of them here on the blog to share with all my fellow iPhone and Apple fans. But some of my friends will not share the same enthusiasm as me over iCloud and they all have one thing in common. They’re on Verizon! As a longtime user of the iPhone I am naturally on the AT&T network. This week I was going over where you can locate some of the many features of iCloud… Read More

iCloud is Here But Where Is It? Download Link included to iTunes 10.3

On my last posting I was speculating that iCloud would be launched in increments or stages. I did expect many of the features to be turned on and ready to use. Seems that’s not the case. So far this is what I have found: iCloud Can Be Found on IOS Devices in iTunes My entire collection of purchased music from iTunes is now available for download from my iPhone. There is now a purchased tab on the bottom of the phone where you can go through all your previous purchases. To the… Read More

Apple Week Starts Early! What to Watch For Next Week

Looks like Apple is up to it’s old tricks again but they are a week early! I had the week of June 6th – 10th blocked off to stay on top of all the news coming out of the Apple Developers Conference. They have leaked quite a bit of info early which is uncharacteristic of them. Here’s what we know so far: iCloud will be available – yes, the long awaited iCloud from Apple will finally be arriving. In what form it will take is up in the air, no… Read More

Tech Tuesday – Free iBooks, Lots of Them!

It’s Tech Tuesday and this week I wanted to highlight the many free resources currently buried in the iBooks Store… This past weekend I was looking for some reference material regarding developing IOS applications. I’m just dabbling in IOS app development but I found just what I was looking for on iBooks. I know this type of reading is not the typical reading of my readers but Apple offers plenty of free iBooks in their iBooks store . As I was going through the iBooks store I also downloaded some… Read More