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The History of AOL & Are You Still Paying For It?

This week AOL teams up with the Huffington Post, a former Tech Titan and my favorite blog, to bring you, I don’t know what but just when you thought AOL was completely dead, a la Myspace, they start to make me think they just might make a comeback. Most kids today don’t realize how huge AOL was and consider dial up an ancient technology way before their time. Here is a quick AOL history lesson by Molly from Rocketboom … . . Are you still using an AOL email account?… Read More

Arianna Says Obama’s Focus On…

(I have been testing out the comments section on the Huffington Post and all my comments can be linked back to my blog. Here is another article I just had to comment on) Again I agree with Arianna. As a huge Obama supporter there has been entirely too much help for the two big to fail banks and not enough for main street. Does the President read the Huffington Post? He can get it on his blackberry, can’t he? OK, I admit, unemployment was extended which helps but that will… Read More

Move Your Money Project

My favorite all time holiday movie… my biggest issue (right up there with healthcare reform)… combined to form a very powerful campaign against the big banks of this country. Check out the project at If you agree, simply move your money from the big banks to a smaller community bank. That’s it! This better go VIRAL! :) Thanks to the Huffington Post for bringing the project into the mainstream. See the Huffington Post blog posting here: