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Using the Updated WordPress Mobile App

New, completely updated mobile app for WordPress. This morning I’m going through the newly designed WordPress mobile app that looks like HTML 5. Very slick & elegant. Some of the newer options are the built in reader that allows you to easily find other WordPress blogs by category. Considering the millions of blogs out there I was only able to access a small sampling of blogs through the reader. Formatting your blog posting from the mobile app is still nonexistent.

Tumbler as a Blogging Platform?

So, this week was an interesting week. There was lot’s going on surrounding security in the tech world and I had to go back and review a few blogging platforms that I’ve tested in the past. You can review my security roundup here… but this past week I spent some time on Tumblr… What is Tumblr? Tumblr is a micoblogging platform that has been around since 2007. I’ve had my account for quite a while but the service hadn’t grown enough for me to consider using it seriously. I took… Read More