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Panera Bread’s 30 Minute WiFi limit

Image by DVdaniels via Flickr Saturday I was having a working lunch at Panera Bread before heading over to Roosevelt Field Mall and a little iPad action. Time Warner, Optimum Online and Comcast all have wireless hotspots at the Panera Bread in Carle Place but I sat down, signed onto the Panera Network  and got down to work. After a really brief 30 mins I was booted off the Panera network. Time’s up. “You gotta go” is basically what the screen that popped up told me. How rude! Come on… Read More

Time Warner/Comcast WiFi Now on LI

I’ve spent months tracking WiFi hotspots on Long Island and usually what I turn up is AT&T and Optimum WiFi and these two have a huge head start. In the past I have written that I thought Cablevision would have a monopoly on Long Island if no other cable company attempted to blanket Long Island with WiFi. Now as I do my daily travels I am finding Time Warner and Comcast are both entering Long Island. My favorite WiFi hotspots now have more choices for me to connect to the… Read More

Does Optimum WiFi Have A Time Limit?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife I get this question quite a bit and the answer is “NO”! If you are an Optimum Online customer you get unlimited free WiFi with your internet package. The same does not hold true for people who do not subscribe to Cablevision. Non subscribers trying to get onto the Optimum WiFi network will be considered a guest. Guests will be able to access the Optimum WiFi network three times per 30-day period for a 10-minute session each time. There is a limit of one… Read More

Nassau County – Fastest Internet in the United States

Nassau County has the fastest internet in the United States and if you lived on Long Island you already knew that.  Newsday is now confirming it at .Psst…. Newsday is owned by “CABLEVISION“! ;)