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Tracking Cherry Blossom Trees with the Central Park Conservatory iPhone App

Another sign that Spring is finally here in the NYC area! The Central Park Cherry Blossom Trees are in full bloom. You can learn more about that on the Central Park Conservatory iPhone app. ???? I know, I know… this is a regular blog posting masquerading as a tech post but my weekend posts are usually something recreational. I’m just very happy that Spring is finally here and the long winter is over. If you get a chance, head out to Central Park over the next week. The Cherry blossoms… Read More

Running Apps – There Are Too Many of Them. Which One’s to Use?

The summer running season is just getting started and as I’m preparing to run my first 5K of the season this weekend I look back at the apps that I have used to get me ready. I will vouch for both of them, they are awesome. Both apps also have great integrated music players and your running results can be posted to facebook or twitter so your friends can laugh at them. ;) So without further ado, here are the apps I use and highly recommend… . Couch 2 5K… Read More