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When Your Favorite Blogs Disappear, it Feels Like Losing a Friend

If you’re a longtime internet user like myself you may have come across this feeling. In the early days of blogging many of us old school bloggers would start up our own personal blogs, setup an RSS feed that readers, mostly other bloggers, could subscribe to and whenever something new was posted we would read each others posts and comment in each others comment sections.

Could You Live Without Gmail?

This was an interesting discussion I was having this weekend. The discussion centered around could we live without Google Reader now that it’s set to be retired on July 1st. My definitive answer was yes and I raved about how much I was enjoying my new Reader program, Feedly. But that’s a blog posting for another day.

Newspaper Death Watch

Todays kids will never pick up a newspaper? Being from Long Island I have always picked up Newsday but my favorite paper is the NYPost for it’s great pictures and headlines. As a Met fan, I enjoyed the posting from today. As a kid I used to deliver newspapers after school. Now newspapers are delivered before 5am so it’s not a kids job anymore. Today I just open up my laptop whenever I want, go to my Google Reader and start reading the latest news. The two newspapers that I… Read More

Lesson 2: Google Reader

  This is my favorite program! “The Google Reader” “There are literally millions of interesting blogs out there on an unlimited amount of subjects. how does anyone follow them all?” The “Google Reader” is the program that will help you follow all those blogs. I can now get up to date information on all the blogs and websites I am interested in just by subscribing. Here is a screenshot of my reader: I know the screenshot is small but from this screen you can see I have subscribed to 36… Read More