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No iPhone 5 for Me. Very Impressed with the New Mobile Safari Speeds

Today is the day that many Apple Fanboys (& Girls) will upgrade to an iPhone 5. Except me that is. I have stuck to my tradition of always being a generation behind. This year, even though I am eligible to upgrade (very rare for me to be eligible when a new phone comes out), I have opted to wait a few weeks. The hardware upgrade for the iPhone is not significant enough for me to upgrade immediately. The software… that’s another story.

New iPhone Apps I’m Testing (Cinemegram, Burpple,, ect)

How Many Social Apps Do We Need? Here’s Four More to Test This Weekend… Just realized it’s Friday and I haven’t posted anything in 2 weeks! ┬áThat’s a long stretch for me but I have been busy testing new apps to see how they fit into various projects I am working on. Check out these four listed below. I figured by the time I get around to doing actual reviews they may be super popular or long gone. You be the judge:

MAC APPS! Use Them for a Much Better Mac Experience.

I know… I haven’t blogged anything for the last 3 weeks. I’ve thankfully been very busy with blogging related activities for clients. I’ve even been somewhat quiet on twitter but I have been collecting all sorts of great tips for MAC users. Today’s tip, or tips, revolved around the use of Apps as opposed to using a browser…