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Had Enough of Facebook? Here’s My Strategy for Dealing with this Super Expensive Marketing Monster

Ever get frustrated with Marketing on Facebook? You post a picture and it reaches tons of people but when you post a link back to your website only your most loyal followers see it? If that! How are you supposed to build your brand when you cannot get anyone out of Facebook? Oh, of course you can get more people to see your website links but you will have to pay for that! Sorry, Facebook, it doesn’t work that way. If I cannot reach my fans I’m moving along. So… Read More

Don’t Forget the Rest of the Internet. Especially Reddit

I had something else I wanted to post this morning but I opted for this little blog posting instead because Marketing on Social Media is more than just Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and any other free platform you can get yourself on. If you’re not blogging or at the very least have a mobile optimized website you are ignoring the rest of the internet at your own risk…

Google Authorship is Pumping Content into Google+. Content is King. Will Google+ Be King?

Bloggers know content is King. No amount of gimmicks, promotions, sweepstakes, contests or freebies will bring back readers to your blog again and again like good content. The same principle applies to Social Media but lately I have been pumping more content into Google+ because of Google Authorship. If other bloggers are doing the same will Google+ finally become a force to counteract Facebook?