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Christmas Without the Need for Social Media

As an amazing Christmas and year comes to a close, thanks to everyone for checking in on the blog once in a while. Rest assured, the less I blog and use social media it just means that life is getting better and the need to rely on social media to feel connected is no longer necessary.

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@Yelp Doesn’t Like My Profile Pic. Won’t Let Me Respond to Customers Until It’s Changed

Yelp is at it again. They clearly don’t like bloggers, especially ones who refuse to participate in their Yelp programs, scamming small business’s out of thousands of dollars every year. A recent email from Yelp, which I found in the trash, states I will have to change my profile pic before I can talk to customers. Apparently they require a “REAL” photo of me. Really Yelp?

Bloggers Beware! It Is Getting Way Too Noisy Out Here on The Internet!

It’s Sunday! Here is Some More Noise for the Internet… As a long time blogger who has watched the internet grow, expand and explode into what we see today a bloggers only advantage over most every other internet marketer, digital marketer or whatever you want to call us, is the fact we can stay focused while applying the rules of the old web: Focus on Content: Content is king!