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Top 5 iPad Apps I Use For Productivity

I know, it’s been almost a month since my last posting! This posting will be different from previous ones because I’m focusing on the best apps, not just free ones. I know I’ve always focused on free apps but my favorite apps happen to be premium versions. I’ll still be on the lookout for freebies but when it comes to taking advantage of an apps full capabilities, you may want to go premium.

Note to Myself – “4 Ways to Backup Your WordPress Blog”

Note to Myself: Backup your Blog Regularly! I regularly back up my computer, at least monthly to an external hard drive. I also have an online backup service called Backblaze that works in the background of my computer to back up any files that have changed. But recently I lost quite  bit of work because I failed to back up the blog so I went on a little mission to find the best way to back up the blog frequently.

Tech Tuesday – “Dropbox” adds the ability to upload Multiple Files from your iPhone

It’s Tuesday already! Time to get techy! Ever have an app that you downloaded to your iPhone only to find that you rarely use it? Dropbox was that app but now, with their newest upgrade, Dropbox will be used frequently enough to warrant a spot on the dashboard. This video is my lastest screencast going over some features of the Dropbox desktop and iPhone app including their newest feature, the ability to upload multiple files simultaneously. . MY TOP TIP: my top use for this new feature is taking pictures… Read More