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Yankees/Mets – Subway Series Part II 2010

Now we all know who won the first Subway Series this year. If not I’ll give you a hint… CHECK THE VIDEO! Derek Jeter is wearing the shirt of the winning team. ;) OK, so I had a little fun with a Derek Jeter cardboard cutout. It’s not the “REAL” Derek Jeter. And if you were thinking “I want a Life Size Cardboard Cutout of Derek” you can find one here… Whether or not the Mets win this series I will get

Live Baseball On Your iPhone

I was playing around with the At Bat 2010 iPhone app last night. It’s kind of pricey for an app at $14.99 but after using it for the last week I think it’s a steal. Not only can you listen to any game you want, you also have up to date, real time information on scores from every single game around the majors. You also have access to the standings which is something no other baseball related app I have reviewed can do. MLB allows you to watch 1 free… Read More

“FanGraphs” – iPhone App Review

I’m finding I’m actively using this app on my iPhone when I can’t get to a TV so here’s my review on the “FanGraphs” App: This app, simply called “FanGraphs“, gives you a quick update on all games being played throughout the day and in real time. You can also get access to the same information at their website, I noticed I tend to go to this application rather than the internet  to update me on any Met games I cannot catch on TV, especially the day games I… Read More

New Beginnings!

So Spring is officially here, Summer is around the corner and my winter blues are finally gone! The  new spring season is beginning as well as a new baseball season. Easter has always signified life renewed and the Baseball season parodies the changing of the season’s for me. This just might be one of my favorite time’s of the year. This year, Baseball’s Opening Day also fall’s on Easter Sunday. In effect you have one of the most religious holidays of the year falling on the same day as another religious holiday. Yes,… Read More

9/11 Tribute – from Citifield

Here is some video shot I shot from Last night’s Met game, 9/10/09. Since the Mets are out of the race this year, it was a Thursday night, cold, breezy and rainy, which accounted for the crowd being extremely light, not many people saw this. Here is the 9/11 tribute held before the game. The NYTimes has a great pictorial today about the World Trade Center and I have an older post where I toured the site, with some video, just about a month ago. is a site that is documenting the… Read More