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Coming Soon – At Bat 2011

I’ll just leave you with this screenshot of my iPhone. My heart is a-flutter. Spring is getting closer and baseball is almost back. Later this month we will get our first glimpse of the At Bat 2011 iPhone app and if it’s as good as the previous version this will be an app that is indispensable to every baseball fan.

Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day

Today, December 10th, has been designated Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of this organization, both amongst bloggers and those that enjoy reading baseball on the internet. I happen to be in both categories. I blog part time for the and really enjoy perusing the many other baseball blogs currently being listed in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. As a Mets fan I regularly go to quite a few blogs and here are three of my favorites listed in no particular order: